What if a female minor kills someone ?

This 15yo girl murdered this 19yo boy friday , so im just wondering whats gonna happen to her & we dont live in a death penalty state were in NJ well see be ok ?

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  • Anon
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    9 years ago

    Since she's a minor, she will go to juvenile, where she may have to serve up to 8 years, depending on the degree of murder.

    Did she plan the murder beforehand, or did she kill him without realizing she was doing it (out of anger)?

    Also the other part you have to put into consideration is the fact is may have been in self defense. Was it?

    Edit: Jo Han, no they don't. There is not a chance she will only get three months. The least she'll get for murder is 3 years. This isn't a battle of the sexes, it doesn't matter what gender committed the murder, they get the same sentence depending on how it was committed.

  • 9 years ago

    No she will not be okay if Convicted. The DA has to make a choice to try her as an Adult, which is always more likely to happen during murder or rape cases, because of the severity of the crime. To boot she very well may go as far as life in prison if that occurs. Should she be tried as a juvenile it's up to NJ statue how long she will be there, and it may very well be past the age of majority.

  • 9 years ago

    Well they say to have the crime fit the punishment, but she's probably just going to go to juvey, and then get transferred to prison by time she's 18.

  • 9 years ago

    If they try her as an adult, she can face up to either life without parole or 25 to life. Was that last part supposed to be will she be ok? I am sorry, but it is hard for me to work up sympathy for one who has taken a life. He won't be okay, ever again, will he?

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  • Jo Han
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    9 years ago

    She'll probably get 3 months probation. Laws are waaaay easier on women, especially minors. (How's that for gender equality?)

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