What can I make with tofu?

Preferably something really meaty. Haha.

I don't eat meat but I crave it like crazy.

I love those boca veggie burgers but I feel guilty eating frozen packaged stuff allllll the time.

So can you make veggie burgers with tofu?

Whats any recipes that you have? haha i dont like to read thru internet pages so :)

btw its firm tofu or somehing like that:)


wowww. youre a fvcking btich.

i crave it because i was raised on it.

i like the taste. you don't. okay? i'm sure you like things i think are totally disgusting.

i don't like to read through the internet pages as in recipes. i feel like im reading a damn cookbook & i'd rather people on here tell me in a simpler way, like there talking to me rather than giving instructions.

once again, youre a fvcking btich.


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    Meat tastes disgusting and aside from the toxic chemicals, steroids, antibiotics and hormones that are injected into it these days, it takes the body at least 5 days to digest, therefore it is rotting poison by the time it has gone through the digestive system. For this reason, I am always at as loss to appreciate anyone craving it. vegetarian or not. I have great recipes for bean burgers, not a fan of tofu personally - if you don't like to read through internet pages though why are you using yahoo when it's internet based? Good idea might be to visit the library and get yourself a vegetarian cookbook, there are lots of ways you could get a life.

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    Wow a troll with attitude. I am with the previous poster here. I was also fed meat during childhood, but as a Vegan I have absolutely no desire to eat it whatsoever now. I don't think many of them do hence the choice of lifestyle. I could give you a recipe for tofu burgers but I strongly suspect you are just an illiterate troll so I wont waste my time.

    Source(s): Seeing too many dumbly worded questions in the Veggie section of Yahoo Answers.
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    Devilled tofu kebabs

    8 shallots or button onions

    8 small new potatoes

    2.0 tbsp tomato purée

    2.0 tbsp light soy sauce

    1.0 tbsp sunflower oil

    1.0 tbsp clear honey

    1.0 tbsp wholegrain mustard

    300.0g firm smoked tofu , cubed

    1 courgette , peeled and sliced

    1 red pepper , deseeded and diced

    Put the shallots or button onions in a bowl, cover with boiling water and set aside for 5 mins.

    Cook the potatoes in a pan of boiling water for 7 mins until tender. Drain and pat dry.

    Put tomato purée, soy sauce, oil, honey, mustard and seasoning in a bowl, then mix well. Toss the tofu in the marinade. Set aside for at least 10 mins.

    Heat the grill. Drain and peel shallots or onions, then cook in boiling water for 3 mins. Drain well. Thread the tofu, shallots, potatoes, courgette and pepper on to 8 x 20cm skewers. Grill for 10 mins, turning frequently and brushing with remaining marinade before serving.

    Serving suggestion Perfect with some white or brown rice.

    Per serving

    178 kcalories, protein 10.0g, carbohydrate 18.0g, fat 8.0 g, saturated fat 1.0g, fibre 3.0g, sugar 3.0g, salt 1.35 g

    Chloe :)

  • Lots of different asian dishes.

    "I crave meat because I was raised on it."

    So were the vast majority of vegetarians and vegans, but they don't eat meat.

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    Just eat some meat. You're craving it because biologically that's what you are supposed to feed on.

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    tofu ICE CREAM

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