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If a female cat is a "Pussy" and a male cat is a "Tom" and a female dog is a "*****" what is a male dog?

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    Male canines are dogs. Stud and sire are situational terms.

    Jazzie: Actually pussy IS one of the three terms for female cats. Queen just happens to be used more than that one for obvious reasons. The other is molly.

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    A male dog is simply called a dog, just like in ducks the male is a drake and the female is simply a duck. A dog is not a stud unless he is used for breeding, then he is a stud dog while a female is a brood bytch. In relation to the pups produced, he is their sire and she is their dam.

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    The correct term for a male dog is dog.

  • It's a dog or a stud. There really is no cool name for a male dog.

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  • Jazzie
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    A "dog", technically. Seriously. No fancy name like "bull" or "buck" ... just "dog".

    And technically speaking, a female cat is a "queen" not the slang term you referred to.

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    A dog.

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    I would like to know more about this too

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    Sire....a male dog

    Source(s): 25yrs dog training
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