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How to make a photo mosaic using adobe photoshop elements?

I have adobe photoshop elements but idk how to make it with a ton of different photos into one big photo

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    It's a lot of hand-work with any photo editing program. You have to figure out how big you want your project to be, select and do the basic tweaking -including resizing - on all the photos you're going to use and then start dragging the photos onto the new file you're created in the size you want it to be.

    What you want are instructions for making a collage but, instead of using a few larger photos, you'll use a lot of smaller ones.

    There are programs from making collages. Shape Collage has always looked like fun but I've never used it. It says that it's free for personal use but, like I said, I have no experience with it.

    Microsoft also has a nice collage creator. Even though "2008" is in the name, it's been updated and runs on Windows 7. It costs $19.95 from Microsoft.

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