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Parakeet vs Cockatiel?

I'm getting a bird in 2 months and I can't decide whether I want a parakeet or a cockatiel. Could you please compare parakeets and cockatiels by:

1. Friendliness

2. Playfulness

3. Noise level

4. Talking/whistling ability.

Which do you prefer? Why?

Thanks :)

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    Cockatiels are much more interactive pets as opposed to parakeets. Parakeets are friendly, but you may not be able to catch them and play with them as much as you would a cockatiel. However, though they do chirp a lot, parakeets are relatively quieter than cockatiels, but cockatiels have a higher chance of learning to whistle or talk. I personally prefer parakeets because they are friendly and easy to take care of. :)

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    I have my first bird a 5 yr old cockatiel,males whistles females don't,I read a book about it,own the book,I get a kick out of pretty bird,he dances,whistles,chirps,and tweets,also screams,too loud

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