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What shoes should I wear to the prom?

Okay, so the prom/spring dance is coming up in my school. (I'm in a virtual home school by the way, so it's not actually a "prom" so to speak, but same difference right?)

Well, when it comes to shoes I am EXTREMELY picky. Not only that, but they have to be a certain height since my dress was measured to a 2 1/2 inch heel, which really throws it off (so no platforms or 4 inch stilettos or whatever).

I am having an incredibly difficult time finding the right shoes, it's driving me insane! I can't wear open shoes (like with open sides or especially open heel). Basically I want a closed shoe. Opened toes won't kill me.... But I'd like closed toe too. And, I want something remotely formal. No plain shoes, I want something that will look nice under a fairly plain dress, like, flowers or ruffles or something.

Well, with that said I can't seem to find anything. That's not near $100 bucks.

So it brings me to another question! Could I wear a pair of boots under my dress? I have a nice pair of black boots that Iook very lovely, and they are the perfect height... But I don't know if that would look really strange under my dress, though the dress goes to the floor and no one will see them. Any help, suggestions, or possible ideas for shoes??

Oh, and I've never been to a dance in my life. Yeah I'm 18 and never been to a dance. And I've never worse a fancy schmancy dress either, actually I've only wore skirts. So, yeah this stuff is new to me.... -__-

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    You said your dress is floor length right? If it's that long....wear your boots or even better, your converse if you have any. They're comfortable and no one has to know that you're not wearing heels unless you tell them!

    Have fun!

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    Do in spite of makes you the main gentle. you could certainly wears apartments to promenade, they had be extra comfortable than heels. once you're completely in love with your gown and/or won't be able to/do no longer prefer to return it then you certainly ought to settle on in case you like to look tall or in case you like your gown to touch the floor. in case you're able to get yet another gown take your shoes with you. Take a pair of heels and 2 apartments only so which you will discover in case you like the way it appears that evidently. (this additionally applies to all destiny circumstances you prefer to purchase a gown or skirt) I actual have a pal who went to promenade, she's like 4'9 and im uncertain if she wore heels or no longer in her photos yet her date grow to be like 6 toes some thing so she regarded short besides. so in case you have been apartments attempt and get a date that's no longer that plenty taller than you, then you certainly wont seem so short. you're photos will seem captivating in case you settle directly to placed on apartments or heels

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    Check out and search for the color and heel height you want in your size.

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    You should wear high heels :)

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  • 9 years ago

    wear strappy heels!

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