does he like me or are we just mates?

I met this guy last week nd we have so many things in common, we both love pizza n i think i saw a little gleam i his eye when i said i like it too, he also kept looking at me a lot, n when i looked up at him...he would look down at his phone, and when i would look back down he would look up at me nd apparently smile (that's what my sis said) he was really nice to me n really sweet. Also when we left from there he shook everyone's hand n said "bye", but when he shook my hand he smiled n said "later" (again my sis said he had a small smile on his face) so does he like me or does he wanna be friends?

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  • 9 years ago
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    well..i'd say get closer to him, start talkin 2 him more coz atm he's kinda unsure if he likes u or not but yea i think he might, just try n talk to him and it willl work from there :D

  • 9 years ago

    It isn't really alot to go on, but it has promise. Just hang out with him and see if things develop. I can't really say if this all meant something or was just him being nice, but as I said it has promise.

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