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Could i have an intestinal blockage?

Last night I was fine until I suddenly became intensely sick; there was no fever or warning. I felt like i had to go to the bathroom, sort of like when you have diarrhea, and I had intense nausea and abdominal pain, low in the abdomen where the intestines are, and I felt like I was going to pass out. I vomited everything I had eaten, and then felt fine. I had diarrhea-like stool, but felt like there was something I couldn't pass. Today there is some abdominal pain when I move a certain way, and I still have that feeling that I can't pass something. I think it might have been food poisoning, but I think something's going on with my intestines. I've had that feeling before that I had to go to the bathroom and couldn't, and nearly fainted, almost like there was a lack of blood flow to the intestines, and it got better when I did go. Any ideas?

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    could you have a bowel obstruction? possible, but unlikely unless you've had prior abdominal surgeries.

    that feeling you are describing is common with diarrhrea, where you feel you need to pass something, but can't.

    with a bowel obstruction, there is just constant vomiting and abdominal pain.

    sounds more like a virus, or bad food, to be honest.

    Source(s): Occupational Therapist in a hospital
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    Take a laxative. That should be the first thing you should do. If that doesnt work, and you start to develope nausea, vomiting or fever then you need to see a doctor.

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    You need to go to the ER instead of asking us! Could have appendicitis if it's your lower right side. Good Luck!

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