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dental / denture situation questions?

basically my situation is this

I had really bad TMJ issues and I went to tons of specialists and nobody was able to help me

and due to the fact that dentists weren't willing to treat me because they were afraid of messing up my jaw and because I had problems with adrenal insufficiency and they didn't want to kill me - by the time I found someone who was willing to treat me I had problems with many of my teeth and I ended up losing most of my teeth - I have 13 left - in poor condition. if one has problems they pull the bad one. I had someone suggest that I pull all of them for dentures - but the oral surgeon is a little skittish about pulling them all because of some of my health issues and if I pull one at a time then I have nothing to chew with. So they pretty much have left the decision to me and I told them I don't know what to do. I'm not a dentist or a doctor. I hate the way my teeth look - and it affects my relationships with everyone. people think I'm mad or sad all the time when I might not be - and I just can't smile very good. And people look down on me or even worse they don't even look at me at all or they treat me like I'm a piece of trash - people can be so hateful and so cruel. So, it's a high priority to try to get something done about it but I'm not sure what's best. I could get a temporary partial - I've had 2 one didn't fit and the other I lost and I'm still mad at myself about that. So I've had so many bills from dentists that I've pretty much lost everything I have made in my life and my teeth look terrible - it affects my communication, social, digestion everything. It's like my whole life is on hold until I can get something done about it.

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    Lost of vertical dimension is your primary problem and what is making your TMJ problems worse. The more teeth you lose the more vertical you are losing and this is not good when you have TMJ. Rather than go through a slow and agonizing death it would be better to just get rid of all the hopeless teeth you have and have implant retained full dentures made to restore and stabilize the proper vertical dimension of your mouth. That will be expensive that appears to be the best and most practical long term solution to your problems.

    Source(s): DDS; treated TMJ since 1983
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