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My contact keeps sliding down?

I've been wearing contacts for over 4 years now and for some reason my right contact lens keeps sliding down my eye when I put it on. This hasn't happened before and they're not new. I've been using the same pack of boxes my optometrist gave me for my year supply. It can't be that they don't fit me because like I said I've used previous ones from the box it came in (I throw them away after a few weeks). So anyone know what the deal is? Should I just open a new one?

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    open another one. if it does the same thing...it's likely not the lenses but rather YOUR EYE.

    like "GPC". if it still happens with a new lens that you know is not inverted...you are going to need to go back to the eye doc

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    Yea just open a new one or try soaking it in the solution for a few hours and see if that helps. Its gotta be that contact if the other one isn't doing it...

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