What is a nice, stiff body butter?

I want a nice, stiff body butter, that isn't very expensive.


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    9 years ago
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    If you want something inexpensive, healthy and natural, go for shea butter. I prefer the yellow, pure, raw, and organic chunk from Africa because my skin is very sensitive. It is inexpensive, about 8.00 for a large tub on Amazon. It has an earthy smell that can be scented with essential oils (skin-safe variety). Or, you can try shea butter products from VitaCost.com. Many are processed but still very natural, nutrient rich, moisturizing and protective.

    Source(s): I have glowing, toned skin.
  • Tree Hut shea! I have the Tropical Mango body butter and i love the smell. i have dry skin, so i need heavy duty moisture. i got this at ulta for about 6.50 (sale :) ) it is natural and i love it soooo much. it has shea butter in it so it is super moisturizing.

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    I somewhat have this concern too i often make the frosting with the aid of fact the recipe shows and then i upload one million-2 tbls of cornstarch and it somewhat does help in making the frosting stiff and it would not upload any style. you may additionally use flour in case you do not have cornstarch, I somewhat have used bothe till now. be careful to no longer use too lots or you're able to flavor the cornstarch/flour. wish this helped.

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