ok i have a problem i need $199 bucks by the end of the school year.?

im 14 and i need the money for something important and i can't do the normal things like babysitting and mowing lawns and stuff like that because there's some kid in the neighborhood that apparently likes to mow lawns and he does it for free but he doesn't do the best job. but there are also a bunch of professional landscapers about the town. plus i don't think that lemonade stands are gonna cover the amount of money i need. i need a way to make the money in less than 3 months. this is really important and any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.


also my family is broke and i have no way to get out of my neighborhood.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Babysit for family members outside your neighborhood, yard sales, sell video games/dvd/cds at stores, ask parents for allowance after you clean house, walk dogs

  • 9 years ago

    In the neighborhood there are probably some old folk who can't do things easily for themselves any more. Offer to do household tasks, tidy gardens or yards, clean windows, run errands, walk dogs etc.

    If you are craft-minded, make something and sell it.

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