Do you pay tax If you rent a flat?

Excuse my ignorance. Thinking about moving out of my parents house and looking at flats right now, say If you start renting a flat say May this year, for example, do you pay tax on the flat, or does the weekly rent go towards the tax? Thanks in advance!


I'm from the UK.

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  • Ed Fox
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    9 years ago
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    Your question seems to be posted from Yahoo US but as far as I know the term "flat" is not common in the US. Americans generally say "apartment".

    If you are in UK, it is very rare for rent to include Council Tax. It is almost always separate between you and the council

  • Ny
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    9 years ago

    Most of the time the council tax will be separate to the rent.

    A very few landlords do include council tax, and some will include utility bills (gas, electric, water) - you'll need to get the details on this when you're looking into renting the property. (Most sites will mention if the rent does include anything like this).

    But most of the time the rent you pay is *just* rent - everything else is separate.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    In the UK you pay rent but you also pay Council Tax, is that what you mean ?

    you pay rent to whoever owns the flat, and you pay council tax to your local council

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  • 4 years ago

    you ought to declare the condo earnings to the tax guy so as that they might get admission to the tax payable. placed aside 30% of the earnings in a mark downs account to help meet your tax legal duty while it arrives.

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