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Which pellet should I buy for my betta?

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold or Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets Betta Food? I have spent so much money on food that my betta refuses to eat. He must be very picky. All I can get him to eat are tetra freeze dried blood worms, and this diet cannot be good for him. Any luck with either of these pellets? Other recommendations? Thanks!

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    Honestly, I tried pellets and my Bettas refused them and the ones that did eat them had constipation problems later. I switched their diet to only frozen meat, veggies, and fruit and haven't had an issue since. :P And the veggies they like (Mainly peas, cucumbers, apples, and oranges) are dirt cheap anyways, if you freeze them when you buy them, they last FOREVER. Well, not forever, but a really long time. ;) Plus, it's healthier for Bettas to have a diverse diet, but just remember they need high protein, but also vegetable substance to aid in digestion. ;)

    EDIT: Weennod does make valid points. Between flakes and pellets, pellets are superior. The fresher the diet, the better, though. But with the bloodworms, they eat those in the wild frequently. But not freeze-dried, as that can cause digestive problems. Always go with frozen for meat, it's healthier. ;) So, she/he might be referring to freeze-dried, don't feed that frequently.

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    They are both good.

    Omega One betta buffet is a flake though. But Omega One makes such high quality food from "whole salmon" etc. instead of "fish meal" in typical fish food.

    "Fish meal" is usually fish skin and organs.

    New Life Spectrum is also good, they use "whole Krill". In some case, Hikari Betta bio-gold is a little too big. While NLS pellets come in all sizes, and you can pick whatever size you like. 0.5mm pellets is probably the best for small mouth fish such as a betta.

    Do not feed your fish bloodworm as stamp food.

    Pellets are superior to flakes because

    1. Fish eat them whole with nothing wasted. Thus it won't spoil the water.

    2. Fish actually get more out of the pellets, as the moment fish food touch the water, its nutritious value start to dissolve. Flakes lose these nutrition much faster than pellets because they are paper thin.

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    I fed my betta a few flakes a day. The reason they are so picky is the fact their stomach us the same size as its eye. So keep that in mind. I also fed frozen bloodworn. Thawed of course. Two or three for a day is plenty. Use un pointed tweezers to tempt the betta to the worm. He might even suprise you and jump for it. All this in mind you should end up with a happy and healthy betta. Pellets are a waste of time and money.

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    hikari is a good brand

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