I passed out before giving blood?

Today I went to get my blood taken (for the third time in my life) at the local clinic. I have no fear of needles or anything, I've never had a problem with the whole blood thing. Last time, I even looked while it was happening and found it kind of interesting. So no problems mentally. However, the first time I gave blood, I had a huuuge bruise because my veins are "hard to find" and they must have prodded around a bit too much. Still, didn't really bother me.

But today I was ready to give blood, and the lady couldn't find my vein (heh as usual) but she poked around for a while and finally after saying "I give up on this arm" she pulled the needle out, which caused a really strange pain, and as soon as that happened I started losing consciousness. I didn't completely pass out, but I was so so close, I just kept talking to keep myself there. But I did go limp and lose my hearing and such for an instant...

Anyway, it wasn't anything like "ahh pain in my arm I feel sick there is a needle in me I feel woozy" because nothing about the situation bothered. And also, the pain didn't send any kind of panic through me that would trigger a kind of instinctual passing out... It was just like she physically made me pass out, like she hit something wrong in my arm...

I didn't even get a drop of blood drawn either! So it's not like I was faint from giving any blood!

I'm so confused as to why I passed out and I wonder if anyone could help me understand if there is another cause besides lack of blood or fear of needles/blood.

*I also "fasted", but I literally ate right at 9:30 at night and got my blood done at about 11am... I wasn't even really hungry, I'd just woken up. I also had a good sized water bottle... And since I didn't get any blood out, I don't see why that would matter, I mean I do that all the time when I go to school and skip breakfast and I don't pass out!

Thanks for the help!

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  • Sarah
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    9 years ago
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    Google Vaso vagal and or syncope

    Source(s): ED Registered nurse
  • Pamela
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    My mom gave blood. The next day, her arm was swollen and tons of blood got under her skin. She was in pain for days.

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