Does she likes me or not?

Theirs this one girl in school I like since junior high but I'm too shy to talk to her but I've only talk to her once on myspace which was summer 2010 then we didn't talk after that I'm not sure if she likes me or not but she always stares every time she sees me at lunch, walks by me, or wen I'm not even staring to see if she is I can still see her staring from the corner of my eye I'm also noticing that wen I'm sitting wit my friends at a table lunch her n her friend will sit at the same table then she'll keep turning her head to look back at me. So it that a sign that she likes me or not? Please help me out on this

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    It sure is. She probably has a crush on you but doesn't know how you feel. Girls tend to stare or keep glancing at guys when they like them because to kind of keep an eye on who you might be talking to or flirting with. Trust me I do the same thing when I'm into a guy.

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