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How to get a football scholarships to a Divison 1 football teams from a 4A team?

I play for a 4A football team. How do i get myself out there and known to college scouts and to get a Division 1 athletic program?

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    First of all you have to have a lot of talent..If you have the talent you wont have to worry about it.. They will find out about you... See if your coach will help you get some highlights off of game tapes and send them around to the schools that you would like to be considered for a scholarship.. Good luck....

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    I'm in the same boat except with softball... what you have to do is go to the school's websites your interested in (btw this is time consuming) find their football coach, get his email and then email them.. you can do one big mass email but then it's not as personal.. include your name, school, graduation year... and some stats, you might want to include any camps you've been to or plan on going to as well as some stats from previous season. if you dont do a mass email, then email each individually and let them know your know about their school (even if you dont) it has like bios on the coaches on the website just pick a few things out and be like i'm amazed at the fact you helped the team win over 60% of gameslast year and just little things like that... showing them you know about their school really catches their eye. goood luck!

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    Your chances of getting a scholarship to play college football depend on your performance in football during your senior year of high school. If you perform very well in football during your senior year of high school, you will greatly improve your chances of getting recruited and a scholarship to play for a Division 1 College Football program.

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