Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E on new tattoo?

I got a small cross on my forarm about 31/2x2 and my tattoo artist said no petroleum based products. So I bough some lotion, will my tattoo heal properly? I saw here a lot of people saying to wait to use lotion, and decided to ask you guys myself. Thank you in advance

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    9 years ago
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    No to petroleum or vaseline, it will fade the color of your tattoo. use anti bacterial ointment 3-4 days after your tattoo is done then switch to fragrance-free moisturizing lotion to prevent irritation.

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    I use that ointment that they give you in the shop to take home with you. You can also use the A&D ointment that is sold in target, walmart or supermarkets in the baby section. You can use petroleum based products. A lot of people say don't use it cause tons of people put way too much and that clogs the pores. A barely there amount is fine.

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    The absolute best stuff I have found and I use it on all of my new tatts is paw paw cream/ointment.

    It helps healing and stops or greatly reduces any itching. Follow normal wash dry moisturise routine and when its stops peeling switch to vitamin E or non scented moisturiser at least once a day for a while then weekly.

    I discovered pawpaw cream after my first tatt. I was nearly driven mad by the urge to scratch. I used bepanthen on that one. I vowed never again. I saw the pawpaw cream and saw it was good for burns and rashes ect. I asked my artist he said it wont hurt so I used it and the tatt healed faster and without itching. My artist now stocks the pawpaw cream for his clients.

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  • 9 years ago

    Lubriderm or Curel - use white, no dye, no scent lotions

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