When people say stuff like "things are different for people like me" that is just a delusion, right?

The part I'm referring to is where they say "people like me". Are there realty types of people who are treated differently by people? Or maybe it's just a false delusion that they have?

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  • 9 years ago
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    no, they are not deluded. people treat those with disabilities differently than others; people treat those groups or classes of people they do not like differently than others; and people treat those they consider to be inferior to themselves differently than others. so yes, things can definitely be different for "people like me" folks. keep in mind that perception is key. it isn't the intent of the one treating someone differently that is at question. it is how that difference is perceived by the person on the receiving end.

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    9 years ago

    For some it could be a delusion-and for others quite real. Now it's possible that the reasons things are different for them can be a delusion..like "people avoid me because god told them too", but in fact there are multiple reasons why indeed things are different for them-health, money,upbringing,disabilities,some kind of illness,stereotypes..you name it.

    Source(s): I take it you see yourself as "typical"
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