Since the problem of my bratty sister Kayla out of the way, I returned to my babysitting job, juggling to babysit 3 families kids. I AM NOT A REGISTER BABYSITTER! is that a problem? I have a lot of experience with my own brother and sister, im old enough to babysit, I have experience of taking care of kids, and I work at a elderly care home and my mom runs one too, and im in charge of making snacks and watching them while she goes out to get food, medicine etc..

I AM NOT A REGISTERED BABYSITTER! but i have a lot of experience. Can i get in trouble by the state? I have a criminal background check, Flu shots, Tb shots etc... Up to date as well and my house is a very safe place, as my parents get the house check every 4 months since they run a care home? I'm going to take a red cross babysitting class for the summer so i can have a licenses but basically I have a lot of experiance what to do, and I have a 11 month old brother, and I take care of him full time... (With alot kids in the house, my parents still let me babysit, we have a 2 story house, 8 bedrooms... ya were kinda rich... )


I found out why i was being hated by her its because she thought i was perfect and was jealous of me, she said that I was one of the best dancers and she wasen't and she said that I was a big sister to my other sister Nilliana, and I gave her more love than her, and she was trying to push me away. And get this... she has a crush on Gabe my dance partner (the one she thew a book at) and was jealous on how we where slow dancing and doing the arm wrap, and the lifts. So ya...


I live in Hawaii, Oahu...

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    So your question is, do you need to be registered with the state in order to babysit?

    If you want an answer to that question, you'd probably need to tell us which state you live in.

    And whatever is going on with your sister has nothing to do with your question.

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