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How can I convince my parents to let me have a PS3?

HELP! I am a teenager aged 15 and I have a wii and a PSP. All my friends have a PS3 or an X-Box with all the cool games like Black Ops, MW3, Battlefield 3, skyrim and stuff like that and talk about it 24/7, my parents wont let me have a PS3 and wont let me play games that are over 12's because i get addicted and they think I'll turn into a violent maniac like my sister when playing on her I-pod (Wont let me get an I-Pod either) although i am a pacifist with a long temper and i have never hit anyone in my life. I get kinda left out in conversations because my freinds talk about 50 kill streaks and 360 no scopes and stuff. I do my homework and extra revision, i do chores and i work around the house. My parents wont let me get any games over 12 on the wii either and im not bothered about the wii anyway because i wish to play with my friends online. My parents wont even let me get World at War which is a 15 (my age) just because when i was 6 i refused to come of the PS2 for about 5 minutes. My mum is always watching TV and shopping and my dad is always flying model planes and they think being stuck in a house all day blowing people up will make me mad. How can i convince them, please, please, please help!

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    The way i got a ps3 was don't even talk about it for a week or 2. whenever u have a test, study like crazy. get high marks and eventually they will understand that u wont be a maniac on ur ps3 like ur sister. on and to show that u arent an addict, ask them questions bout ur homework that u already know.

    ex: you: Mom, how do i solve this question?

    Mom: Carry the 1000 and times it by 68

    you: oohhh... thank you mom. What would I do without u?

    O and be nice to ur sister. and thats it

    Source(s): PS3 Owner w/ a sister who plays all day on her ipod
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    Perhaps try to give them a verbal presentation/lecture on the benefits of video games, do some research and back it up with facts and figures to prove you points. Maybe this will both impress them and show them your mature, aswell as show that video games can be beneficial. Here are some articles about the benefits of video games, perhaps you could use them as a starting point for your research.

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    you convince them by showing them your grades. (worked for me). OR you can ask your parents to sell your PSP and Wii to get a PS3 or Xbox360

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    how about you go and get a job, earn the money, and then buy the ps3.

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