pdidie asked in PetsFish · 9 years ago

can you make driftwood out of wood?

i found a cool log and i want to put it in my aquarium

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I normally don't copy and paste answers, so forgive me for this one time. lol But it's a long answer and I answered here:


    If you really want to, it is a lengthy process to ensure it's safe, though. ;)

  • Ianab
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    9 years ago

    Well that's what it is by definition... a piece of wood.

    There are some issues with using your own wood. Most sorts are actually safe, but not all.

    The wood should be old and weathered. not fresh and green. Fresh wood is going to contain sap and sugars, which will grow mould once in the tank. Some species like cedar, walnut and pine can be toxic, especially if still green.

    I suggest you take your piece of wood, and soak it in a bucket for a few weeks. Then check the water. If it's a little stained (like weak tea) but otherwise clear then it's should be OK. If it a toxic looking mess, then not so good. Whatever the wood did in the bucket, it's going to do in the tank.

    All the wood in my tanks is "found" stuff, but it's all old weathered pieces.


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