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If I,m running a 1.5 hp Motor with 220 volts and the run is 160 feet long, what size wire should I use?

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    11.5 FLA - full load amps.

    From NEC 2008; Table 430.248 single phase motor. If 3 phase it's 6 amps.

    160 feet is quite a long run and voltage drop is an issue. It's 3.3% in your case, assuming single phase not 3 phase electrical supply. That means you have 212.7 volts at the motor. Check the nameplate rating and make sure that's okay, therwise the #12 copper needs to be #10 even if fused at 15 amps.

    The breaker/fuse protects the wire. Motor starters and motor protection requires a pro electrician. Worth the money to protect the motor and keep the noisey red trucks away!

    Source(s): Master Electrician, etc...
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