what should I do in this situation?

Ok so heres the thing: stats two males, one black the other white. I've known this guy ever since freshmen year in college. And from the first day we've been best friends. we got close really quick, there isn't anything we would do for one another. Im straight and so is he, and we considered ourselves straight until last night. We were just hanging out and talking about our future, we graduate in less than four weeks. and we're going to the same graduate school together. So while talking (we snook into our stadium) he started about how his life changed when he met me, and mine has also been different when I met him, but in a good way. This guy is my go-to-guy. No matter what each other of us want to do, him and I are down to do it. He's like myself, outgoing, bold, fun-loving, people-person, we are the same person the only thing thats different is our skin color. so while talking he goes "I couldn't imagine life with you, God must've heard my deepest prayer to send me someone like you" I immediately though "THATS SO AWESOME! THAT HE THINKS OF ME THIS WAY! THAT'S MA BOYYY!!!" and he leaned and and we kissed, not going to say that he kissed me because I was involved, reciprocating the kiss. it felt amazing and natural. And its funny because him and have dated alot of girls, and I mean ALOT. But him and I never got into a fight about him or I dating, when he was dating a girl I would honestly be excited and when i was dating i could tell he was genuinely happy for me. so when that happened, he pulled away from me and said "it is true what they say, chocolate does taste better" (the white guy kissed me, I'm black). I didn't know what to feel, i was confused, but the thing I'm not confused about, when that happened I wanted this guy in my life and didn't ever want to leave him. But I know we couldn't go back to just being friends. because if we do things would change and I couldn't lose him, He's too great a guy. WHat should do?! And last night I even had a dream that him and I bought a house together and were a couple. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. WHAT DO I DO. and please don't be mean, I;m really freaking out here.

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    i have a race hangup but it sounds like you have found something special. Even though you have known each other for as long as some marriages last take it slow on buying a house or any other major item. think how your families are going to react, will you have to separate your selves from one or both of them? sit down and do a what if we do, don't think about all the good you are seeing now, try to think of the things that go can wrong outside of yourselves. Things like your families, your professional lives, your religious beliefs or anything else you may have to face.

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