What's The Difference Between MacBook and MacBook Pro?

I know the MacBook Pro is newer and has some advanced stuff but is there something special that makes it worth the price ?

by the way I can find the iphoto and imovie in the macbook like it is in the pro ?

thanks <3

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  • 9 years ago
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    Macbooks are no longer in production because Macbook Airs are almost as powerful and lighter. Macbooks are the white plastic macs and the pro is the silver aluminum one. The major difference between them is speed becasue the macbook is no longer even in production, and the pros ahave always been faster.

  • 4 years ago

    Macbook air doesnt have a cd tension, yet is skinny, macbook professional has greater effective audio device, and a sd card reader, and a hd webcam, and its produced from aluminum instead of plastic. The macbook has plastic even though it somewhat is bullet evidence my brother reported lol. Macbook is $999, i think of the macbook professional is $1100, the Macbook air is $999. :) I somewhat have a macbook and that i like it :) the macbook professional is greater costly yet has some greater issues that the macbook doesnt have like an sd card reader.

  • Greg S
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    9 years ago

    They all use the exact same operating system, including the same preinstalled programs.

    The Macbook (discontinued for a year or so) had a plastic case while the Pro is brushed aluminum. And some of the internal specs are different. I have owned both and like the Pro much better. (Of course, my Macbook was one of the first generation.)

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