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people are not nice to me because i am " rich"?

ok so i know people at my school who are not very nice to me because they think i am rich i dont brage or anything like thelat all i do is wear some juicy stuff and the others kids get angry i am not meqn eather i dont make fun if rhem abd they apso think i am rich because i have a 3 story house and they live in small homes and i dont brage they just assume what should i do

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    people could be mean out of jelousy. if that's the case, they aren't worth befriending.

    on the other hand, you might give out a vibe that you think you're better than others or something like that.

    Think about yourself, if you are doing something that might make people be not nice to you. If you can honestly say you aren't doing anything wrong, it's probably jelousy.

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    Maybe you're one of those snobby rich chicks, they would probably think that.

    Try to be nice to them, say something, or say hi in the hall.

    No one likes a snotty person, that's also rich, lolz.

    Where did they get the idea not to like you? Maybe someone told them.

    In my school, you ditch or hurt someone and the word gets around and the next day you have no friends. I'm staying out of that situation. Maybe your school is like that, lolz.

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    people are not nice to you just because they are jelous

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