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What was "The Council of Trent 1545"? And the significane and importance of this event? Thanks :)?

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    The Council of Trent was long and drawn out (actually lasting from 1545-1563), and thus is difficult to explain fully.

    Two noteworthy occurrences: The declaration the Reformers were heretics and needed to recant in order to remain in the fold of the Church of Rome.

    The Church of Rome adopted some particular theological positions/doctrines on a formal basis during the Council of Trent, as well.

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    The Council of Trent met from 1545-1563.It was called by the Pope to formulate an official response by the Catholic Church to the Protestant Reformation.

    The Council is significant because it adopted a number of measures to strengthen the Catholic Church and Catholicism.Collectively,these are known as the Counter Reformation,which on the whole was successful.

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    The Council of Trent 1545 was the council, based at Trent, which was the first council of the newly formed Protestant religion. It's significane was that it was the first of the Councils of Trent, at Trent.

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    The Trent Council passed the 15.45 motion which prevented council meeting running past that time and allowed council members long enough to do a bit of shopping and get home to watch 'Flog It'.

    The importance showed up when council members watched the Mayor of Trent on the TV programme auctioning his Chain of Office. He got four pounds, fifty pee but never declared it.

    The consequence was that councillors were never again allowed to sneak off from meetings at 15.45 and the leader of the council was instructed to continue meetings until well after 'Flog It' had finished.

    Source(s): 'True Urban Myths' Doug Deepe, Schilling Press One shilling and sixpence.
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