Why is my computer slow on gta 4?

Okay so im trying to play gta 4 but its soo slow and i have a good computer its a hp pavillion slimline s5610f with a amd athlon 2, 250 dual core processor, 3gb ddr3 system memory and ati raedeon hd 3000 graphics card.I can play modern warefare 3 without lags online but with gta it lags real bad i mean super low my resource memory is 251 to the max so i cant go over that.Why is it that low since my comPuter can handle most games without lag is it the speed of my fan gpu or what

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your computer is on the low-end when it comes to games. It's not really a "good" computer, it does have a low-end integrated gpu, and apparently no pci-e x16 for a real gpu upgrade.

    It's not good at all for games, try turning the graphical settings lower as well as the resolution.

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