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How do I make my parents love me?

My parents are just so mean to me!

Sometimes, I feel like I'm not even their daughter. Most of the time they do get me something if I ask for it but I mean, like, I want them to love my and care about me especially my mum because I have never had a mother-daughter conversation with her and I'm 13!

Please tell me any ideas you have on making my parents love me!

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    Go out your way to help them. Like, offer to do a couple loads of laundry, or sweep the floor, or even just say hello to your parents and ask how they are doing every day, how work is going, etc. And, try not to get into arguments with them (as hard as that can be sometimes). I think by doing these small things, it can go a long way.

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    Yeah, just talk to them more.

    Me & my Mom get together great. I just act like shes a friend.

  • 9 years ago

    Always be obedient to them

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