Is It Normal To Be Into Much Older Guys than Myself?

im 17 ..18 in 3 months...heres the thing when i was 15, 16 i was into guys my age....but as im getting older i find younger guys (21 and younger) really immature and ii just cant stand me there still 'little' ...i always have guys hitting on me and its cool...i guess

... now im into guys who are much older like 26-40 and my mom is ok with it but she doesn't want it turning into a huge mess down the rode...i just find older guys more experienced more mature and know what they want in life...and they treat me like there queen the oldest guy ive dated was 32 ....

is it normal?

or weirdly odd?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Its not weird because your just mature for your age but be careful dating older men, they can tend to be manipulative and only after sex.

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