dying hair:back to blonde?

okY so my hair was ALL dark brown, and about a month ago i got the bottom.portion BLEACHED and toned platinum bloondee. after abput a week i put on some semi pearmanent red haor dye from manic panic and color jamz. i kept it in for a month or so and i want it out noow. i let it fade to the lightest pink it can get. so im about to go to Sallys, will bleach take it out. back to blonde.? not the boxes of color but the actual bleach powder and peroxide mixing kits. will that workk.? please, thanks<33

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  • 9 years ago
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    You could try it, but you may have a better chance of getting out semi-permanent color with a color stripper, not to mention that it is less damaging than a bleach. I suggest ColorZap. And you can get that at Sally's.

    Source(s): I work at a Beauty Supply store.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    talk to a good hair stylist

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