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I'm ugly and no one loves me and i don't know what to do with my life!!! please help?

this is going to be long but i would really appreciate if you could read this.

so i'm 16, i'm from small town. i barely have any friends and most of them are fake. they're all my classmates and i NEED to be friends with them just so they won't hate me or bully me. because without friends i'm weak and pathetic. my dad passed away when i was little and my mom doesn't love me. all we have in common is that we live in the same house and that we eat together. i have no one to talk to so that's why i'm writing this

i'm ugly. simply un lovable. i know some people say you love personality but that just doesn't count these days. and i wish it could! because i think i have good personality. i'm kind, not rude or arrogant a bit shy and i want people around me to be happy. but no one loves me anyways because i'm ugly. i have a younger sister and my mom loves her.. she always says how beautiful she's and my mom always calls me ugly. i'm used to it but other people call me ugly too. now what makes me ugly is that i wear big glasses and i have slightly crooked teeth, i'm chubby and my face is plainly ugly. now some things can change but i cant do that. now i don't care that i'm chubby, but i could get rid of those vintage looking glasses and get braces but my mother says she wont buy things for me. so i'm stuck here with glasses and crooked teeth. now i cant change the way my nose, eyes, face shape or hair looks. so i'm stuck with it.

also, i'm not charming or loud or anything guys like. i'm quiet, smart. guys want a beautiful, confident girl. i wish i could be one but i can't! i'm sick of people in streets looking at me and laughing at my face. i always hear when guys call me ugly, weird, fat,gross. i hear some girls saying that i'm so pathetic and gross that i should die so that they won't have to see my face again.

now there are people who call me beautiful. they say that being different is beautiful and i''m different.. but how can i believe them when everyday i hear how pathetic i look.

and i want your advice. how can i deal with being ugly? how to deal with the fact that i'll never have a boyfriend and i'll be alone? i'm pretty sure no one would date a girl like me. i'm 16 and i never kissed anyone or hold hands.. now i have one hope. is to moving out of this town when i'm 18 but i'm stuck here for 2 years. what can i do??? are people in college nicer and more tolerant? do you think i still have a chance to have a boyfriend?? i feel so pathetic writing this but i have no one to talk to, sometimes i'm so alone. i just feel worthless and i feel like i'll never be loved. i though one guy liked me but i was just over thinking. btw i'm sorry for my poor english

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    also this will be pretty long too please read it though..

    thats so sad ): i can somewhat relate to you, i dont talk, and im not rude, im polite, but im not smart, im ugly, and i dont really have anyone to talk to, i have a so called "best friend" but shes hurt me a few times.. im pretty much alone, 2 days ago i cried infront of the class and it spread across school. whole entire classes all together were laughing at me. and i was all alone. i dont tell my mom anything because she says "caity thats not normal." i dont tell her about boys i like because i know shell think im just blowing it outta proportion, and this boy liking me back doesnt really like me back, but is just being "nice". no he really actually does like me :/ anyway, my brother and sister always call me fat and ugly, and my dad is always at work so we only see eachother on the weekends, and my moms always at school, and no ones ever on my side. everyone laughs at me, and i do hear people call me ugly, and gross and weird and a freak. and i try to not let it get to me, i just play a song in my head and everythings alright again, as if it never happened. i bottle up everything, and everyone walks all over me, and personally i let them, so that i dont cause problems. i just want to float through school unseen and forgotten.if someone doesnt like me, ill turn into a freak personally JUST for them :) i become a total weirdo, (talk to myself, twitch occasionally,flex my hands and arms to look like somethings wrong) and they buy it all, then they end up leaving me alone. which is good, as long as i dont let anything get to me, and just pretend anything anyone said is all a dream im fine, all i know is with shane dawson, and my friend bryce around ill be okay (the only reason im okay around bryce is cause hes dealed with the same problems as i have)

    Source(s): my suckish life (also im 16 too)
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    Girl, forget all those people who told you you are ugly. If one person calls you beautiful that's who you believe. Glasses, chubbiness can all be changed. If you have a great personality then that's all that matters. I'm sorry you feel as if your mom doesn't love you, you have to love yourself. Tell yourself you are smart, beautiful, loving and a great person. Just block out the negativity. You don't have to be friends with anyone at school as long as you are friends with yourself. All the physical things you want to change can be, later. Maybe you can get a part time job in town, build your confidence. Start jogging everyday, lose some of that chubbiness, if you want. 2 years will fly by and you can leave and never look back. That can be what keeps you going until then. I hope this helps even a little bit. Good luck and remember if one person loves you it can feel as if the world does. Don't let them break you!

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  • 4 years ago

    I was in the same position...only slightly worse. I went to three different High Schools and by the last one, I just didn't care to put effort in finding last minute friends. I only had acquaintances.

    I was ugly. I'd heard it from several people.

    I'm 24 now and things are much different. Some of the issues you worry about now just don't matter as much when you are older. There are more responsibilities but more freedom when you become an adult. When I was in High School, I used this as my ray of light/hope. I always said "It won't always be this way."

    That's the thing about life; there are ups and there are rarely remains unchanging. While you are down now, you can note that you will be happy as sunshine at some later point in time.

    I can also say now that my looks are much better received than when I was in High School. I think that I just went through an awkward stage when growing toward adulthood....I can say now that I've attracted several people. Enough people that it has changed my opinion about myself. I would no longer say that I am ugly. Your body will fill in as you age. I was bonier and my face was thin and long. I had acne. My hair was curly and thrown into a ponytail. My face shape has improved a little - it has filled out slightly. I can keep my acne more under control. I have curves and have a toned body. I began wearing some makeup and straightening my hair. I also changed my attitude a bit. I was a pushover, scared, timid, etc. If someone disrespected me, I allowed it. In time, I have learned to stand up for myself and have more of an attitude that does not support disrespectful behavior toward me. People respect you more when you gain a backbone and show that you are willing to stand up for yourself. It gives the appearance of confidence. Don't think that because you are shy now that you can't one day become a great advocate for yourself. You don't have to be loud/obnoxious.

    You simply have to allow yourself to develop. Wait through the storm. You will eventually learn to respect yourself and that will make all the difference.

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  • 8 years ago

    I am sorry that you are feeling so down, and I am sorry that you lost your father. I have felt this way before and I know that it does hurt and that there are days where you think nothing will ever change. Let me tell you it does.

    First of all, if you continue with the mindset that you need a boyfriend to be happy you will be stuck in this rut for a while. Find things that make you happy, whether it is reading, photography, sports, etc. Before you find a boyfriend you need to be confident with yourself. Find your passion! For me it was basketball. When I had rough days and lacked confidence I would play basketball and I remembered that everything would eventually be fine. Find the thing that makes you happy, and you'll gain confidence through it. Be yourself and be proud!!!

    There is guy out there for you. You just have to be patient. There are a lot of jerks out there, but don't let that discourage you. There will be a guy someday that accepts everything about you. That is the guy you want, don't worry about the others.

    I also live in a small town so I sympathize with you there. College gets a lot better. It is so much easier to make friends and there is such a diversity of people. You'll find more friends there.

    I wish you luck in finding happiness! Just be confident in yourself. I know that some times its hard but it'll work out.

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  • 5 years ago

    Don't call yourself ugly first of all, don't think that way. If there is things you don't like about yourself, you can change them. Start exercising, clean up your intake. You can lose the weight; glasses are in style now anyway. Remember, you can do anything you want, you just have to believe you can do it. I know you can do it, and I have high hopes for you. Don't believe for a second that your ugly though!!!

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  • ichigo
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    8 years ago

    I think the reason why you're 'ugly' is because you only focus on the negative parts of yourself, you also seem pretty paranoid that you're sick of people in the streets looking at you and laughing at your face. If it is true, i'm sorry but at times like this, you have to hold your head up high and TRY to ignore them. It's not easy, but if you're easily affected by these types of people, the only one suffering is yourself. They want you to suffer, why else would they be deliberately laughing at you? You'll never be alone, theres someone out there for everyone and i'm the same age as you, i've never been kissed or held hands either. It's normal. You're just in a hurry to grow up and honestly? you don't need to heavily focus on relationships, it's usually not worth it.

    About school, you need to tell someone about your bullying. I don't blame you for thinking like this, wanting to aspire to be 'pretty' or 'better'. Try to fix things up with your mother, i'm sorry to hear about your dad.

    You can always talk to me on email if that helps, hope things get better for you!

    Ps. I've been bullied before too, so i know how you feel.

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    8 years ago

    No one in this world is ugly in the outside only in the inside. It takes time, don't think about it too much, the more you think about it the more you'll realize and want things, but the less you think about it then you'll be fine! You dont have to change yourself for someone, if you want put on some make up if you want get contacts if you want get braces if you want fix your hair, if you want excercise to lose weight but people should judge you for the way you look, find friends who are worthy of your time and appreciate your looks never let anyone hurt you, you sound like a nice one! or get a job and pay off the stuf that you want to buy! you're getting older now you can start providing for yourself...

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  • 8 years ago

    All those people who are calling you ugly are probably jelous. They wish they they were as kind and sweet as you are. Looks are not everything and beauty fades away. Just because someone calls you ugly doesnt mean that you are. everyone is butiful in their own way. you cant rely on other people to make you happy. you have to find that confindence within your self. guys are jerks anyways so you dont need to worry about them. You have to believe in yourself and know that your beautiful in order for other people to see it also. There is no single definiton of what beauty is and i'm sure that you are beautiful. God loves you and that's all that matters. He will always be there for you and will never let you down. just because you never kissed a boy means your ugly. I'm 18 and i have never kissed a guy. There is someone out there for everyone and one day your gonna find someone who loves you for who you are. you just gotta be patient. your still yound and you have plenty of time to find someone. good luck and i wish you nothing but the best.

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  • 8 years ago

    Don't be hard on yourself. Someday, somewhere, someone will love you. You sound like a girl that i'd love to date (but I can't do to internet laws). Don't care about what your mom thinks or what any one thinks. (Ok there are some legal issues about your mom and you should talk to the sources about that). Two years isn't long. You can wait. I'm glad you posted this.

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  • 8 years ago

    Everyone is alone at first but their are people who care about you to heck with the people who stare if you ask me their the ones who should feel like idoits and be stared down on thier own time. I know how you feel to this day and back ive had to deal with being alone my entire life If could change the past I would make everyone happy and I would have been Happy to know you : )

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