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DIY room crafts for 15 year old girl?

I HATE TWILIGHT, so no twilight. I'm poor as can be, so nothing like "go out and buy this" please. I have to share my room with my sister, so I put sheets up and cut off the room, a small area for me, the rest is for her. I have a bulletin board/picture frame on my wall and I have no TV, just a laptop. Please Help.

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    Origami. All you need is paper. There are tons of vids on youtube about it.

    Paper, plus a pencil, you can learn how to draw. Borrow from the library _Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain_ by Betty Edwards. It's more about learning how to 'see' rather than just drawing, with many lessons on how to do that.

    Watercolor painting. Many colors can be made from local plants/trees. Check the net and youtube about that.

    Sewing. You can *repurpose* old/worn items into stuffed dolls/animals/shapes. Heck you don't even need to buy the thread just unravel it from whatever material you have.

    Whittling. Any chunk of wood can be a 'canvas' using any small sharp knife.

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