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What is the weather like in lanzarote? today?

were going to lanzarote from the 7th - 14th of april but i have checked and it says the temperature will be 18-20 degrees.

we called the tourist office and they said it was 25 degrees?

can you please give me the actual temperature?

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  • jonal
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    8 years ago
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    Look at BBC weather or Met Office or a dozen other sites for weather anywhere in the world.

    Also put a place name and airport. Airport sites usually have a summary of the weather on them

    25 max today at Lanzarote airport

    To see what any place is like right now look at the webcams. Just put webcam and a place name in the search box. If it's dark there of course you won't get a real time pic except in city lights or at harbours etc where there's enough street lighting.

    Here's a good one. Snow cams from all over....check if it's worth going skiing before you go or find the best place or whatever.

    Just look at the cams. Countries are on the left.

    Wanna be really lazy?

    Don't get up and look outside to see if it's raining. Stay in bed and look at the local webcam on the laptop Or have one of your own set up outside or looking through the window haha.

    Laziness is how they started. Well, not wasting time and energy to put it a better way.

    It was a computer techie in a computer lab at Cambridge University in the UK wanting to know if the coffee machine in the corridor still had coffee in or if it would be a wasted walk so he put a camera by it hooked up to a frame grabber.

    Here it is with a pic of the original coffee quite a famous one haha

    The coffee pot was sold on eBay ten years ago for £3350...around $5000

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  • JOHN H
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    8 years ago

    Hi, this was a few minutes ago 22 going up to 24 today

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