America's Got Talent Shouldn't Allow Singers?

I love the show but, I stopped watching it because singers usually end up winning, very disappointing when people with phenomenal acts end up losing to singers.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think you rob yourself of a great show because even if it's mainly singers who win..this is a show full of versatility as you said rightfully, so many great acts to watch and to pay them their due respect and vote for them if they are good...Last year a former winner who was not exactly a singer in the traditional form came back to perform on ''America got talent'' he was a ventriloquist and he was a puppetier, he had this doll and made it look and very convincingly so as though the doll was singing and then the guy sang in his own natural voice and he put in some funny jokes as well and made the ''doll or the puppet talk back and move it's limbs and mouth in perfect synchrony. I believe that guy was very talented and he was not a singer of the usual kind and he gave a performance that is worth a full 2 hours of entertainment. He does not even need anything else..just this puppet and his amazing talent to make everyone want to watch..

    I do love the fact that of the singers who won, that the ''so called underdogs won it'' Kevin Skinner, the former Chicken catcher who had this innate talent for singing and who was unemployed..and little Jackie Evancho was just amazing for an 11 year old she came in 2nd place in 2010 when Michael Grim won and he built a new home for his grandmother who lost her's during hurricane Katrina and Landau Eugene Murphy is also a very talented singer who used to wash cars for a living..

    Just lets hope that the other acts are great.. Those children on Silhouettes last year, I am glad they made it to the last round..all of those children suffer from a physical illness. One of the little girls will go blind and several of the dancers and artists were born with cystic fibrosis..that means their life expectancy is age 20 to the most in the majority of cases...Most cystic fibrosis children die young..this is an illness that is congentital..they are born with it..and they can have healthy siblings but they have it from birth onwards..and only in some cases maybe a lung transplant could save them to live a long life...but so far the eldest person made it to over 40 and that is rare with cystic fibrosis...

    Maybe some of the other acts will stand out so much this year that the singers will not win always..

    It's a show that is worth watching and those who make it to the finale are stars whether they win or not. I am sure if they have amazing talent someone will recognize it and maybe give them a chance even if they don't win the 1 million dollars and the headlining show in Las Vegas..I believe that the final 4 acts are actually invited to perform in Las Vegas..I am sure last year all 4 final acts were invited to also perform in Las they have a chance to get discovered and they will be remembered for their talent..x

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    9 years ago

    Singers are allowed in the contest so it's understandable if they were choosen as the winners but personally just like you i would have loved to see those guys with the acrobatic stunts are other wow things winning.

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