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所以(抱歉真的麻煩大家回答了,感恩 )



3. 4個人總共800元,怎麼表達?

4. 如何在對話中,用英文表達日期,比如7/25日?

5.上午、下午在對話中,用am 、pm表達即可,還是要怎麼表達?


7.(付錢時)(1)問什麼時候該付錢 ?(2)先付一半,最後再付一半怎麼講 ?此外 表達(3) 最後(結束之時)在付款怎講 ?

8.因為在埃及自助,有很多旅人會向計程車詢問包車一天多少錢?請問包車一天多少錢 ,該怎表達?


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    Can you break it into smaller bills?

    Can I have changes(零錢) in 10s(10元幣額)?


    The total for these three are twenty dollars.

    Three for twenty? (問句)

    3. 4個人總共800元,怎麼表達?

    Four people for eight hundred dollars.

    4. 如何在對話中,用英文表達日期,比如7/25日?

    July Twenty-fifth 7月25

    The Twenty-fifth of July 7月的第25天

    5.上午、下午在對話中,用am 、pm表達即可,還是要怎麼表達?

    可以直接用am pm或是

    I will be back 7 at night 我晚上7點會回去

    Meet me 10 in the morning 早上10點見


    Can I stay(待) for 2 more days?

    Can I book(訂) the room for 2 more days?



    When should I pay?

    Do I pay now? 現在付款嗎?


    Do I pay you half now for the deposit? and the other half later? 付一半當押金再付剩下的一半嗎? or I have to pay in full? 還是要付全額?


    Can I pay when I check out? 可退房時付款嗎?


    How much is it to rent the car/taxi for the whole day?

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    I will be back AT 7 at night 我晚上7點會回去

    Meet me AT 10 in the morning 早上10點見

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    1.Exchange for that small amount of money

    2.Three 20 yuan

    3.Four individuals of a total of 800 yuan

    4.July twenty five

    5.Morning, afternoon

    6.Adjourned to live in a two-day

    7.〈1〉Ask when the pay〈2〉Paying for half, and finally to pay half of the addition〈3〉How do you mean the final end of the payment?

    8.Chartered how much money a day, what should I express?

  • 哈哈, 專家研究生們. 小心囉, 我來了......


    Can you break this into smaller notes(鈔票)/coins (硬幣)?


    These three items cost totally 20 dollars

    3. 4個人總共800元,怎麼表達?

    This is totally 800 dollars for 4 people.

    4. 如何在對話中,用英文表達日期,比如7/25日?

    Today is 25 of July.

    5.上午、下午在對話中,用am 、pm表達即可,還是要怎麼表達?

    用am/pm. For example, I will be there at 5:00 pm


    I need to extend for 2 more days.

    7.(付錢時)(1)問什麼時候該付錢 ?

    When do I need to pay?

    (2)先付一半,最後再付一半怎麼講 ?

    Do I need to pay you the deposit (押金)now? And how much will it be?

    或 Can I pay you a half now? and pay the reminders later?

    此外 表達(3) 最後(結束之時)在付款怎講 ?

    Can I pay when I check out? (離開酒店時=check out)

    8.因為在埃及自助,有很多旅人會向計程車詢問包車一天多少錢?請問包車一天多少錢 ,該怎表達?

    How much does it cost for hiring this car for a day?

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    1. can you give me the change in small denominations

    2. 20 dollar for the 3 items ?

    3. total for 4 person is 800 ?

    4. I will be traveling on 25th of July

    5. I will return at 7 in the evening

    can you ask the taxi to pick me up at 10 this morning

    meet me at the reception at 4 in the afternoon

    6. I wish to extend my stay for 2 extra nights

    7. when should I pay for the accommodation

    can I pay half down first and the other half at the end

    I wish to pay after we are done

    8. how much is it if I am to book your taxi for a day?

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