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I feel like a failure?

Right now I'm a freshman in high school. I feel like a failure. I hear all my friends around me accomplish so many things while I have done nothing. One of friends this year got on to the junior varsity volleyball team, while I didn't even make it on the freshman team. I tried my best (people say I'm good) but even those who just started vball got on the team. My other friend, is an ok dancer. She's on the dance team, and is dancing in the play. In my life I've only really done rec volleyball (middle school) I quit after not making the team. For freshman yr I had hopes of getting a 4.0, taking part in drama, and making the team. But I got a high b in math (gpa 3.89), the drama teacher ignores me, and I didn't make vb. I feel I'm not gonna make it into a good college. I'm too discouraged to do anything. I try hard at first but then lose motivation. I have nothing going for me, I'm not talented (like my bro), not smart, not athletic. I'm uncertain of my future help!

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    Go talk to your guidance counselor.

    You have a GPA of 3.89 and you feel like a failure? Gimme a break! Maybe sports isn't your thing. Maybe music is, maybe writing, maybe computers, maybe it's being a car mechanic, a photographer, or a gardener, or a hair stylist. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and stop being jealous. Go take some lessons in dance, yoga, tai chi, art, piano or guitar. Refocus and research.

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    good start. you are concerned about your feelings. it is very true you may not make your GOALS. that's why you feel like a failure and don't let anybody talk you out of it. make a plan break it down. b sides. what are you going to try 4. make a reasonable expectation.

    I always felt like a failure. in many ways I was. I had my reasons in my excuse is an eyesore did not wanna hear anybody telling me not to worry or....

    you are on your own path in this life. although it is true you are far behind where you wanted to be by now, you absolutely must not look at it in that way.

    now reorganize the way you think. how do you do that is very personal and very private. but do not worry about the timely successes of those around you because many come to their ruins in short time. my personal feelings is that they have some luck nothing to do with ur own effort and so it goes but I digress.

    I will leave you with this little spot from the professor of mine: " go for that "b" and get it. that means do not shoot for in a hand getting *** because you were so nerve racked. even decide to aim for a c get the salad see aunt passed through to the next level you understand

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    There are lots of people who are great at everything (almost) but cannot get into a good college or have trouble finding jobs. And there are also those who are not so talented but are able to enter good schools and land okay positions. It's all due to motivation and effort. Try exerting more effort on your studies (if you can't study for three hours everyday, try doing it more often, like when you have 10 minutes before class starts.) Who knows, it might pay off, even if you are otherwise very ordinary.

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  • 8 years ago

    Look for a special hobby. Like singing,drawing,swimming,etc.

    After you become really good at it, people will start distinguishing you as a special person like those people you're talking about. :)

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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