tdcj Inmate Visitation (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)?

can someone tell me HOW MANY visits can an inmate in TDCJ recieve (in all or if theirs a limit)

I know its in the Rules and Regulations of the Inmate handbook, but its on TDCJ.COM and its in an HTML or PDF and my comp doesn't allow me to open those up. Can someone copy and paste the Visitation section and e-mail it to me. or can someone somehow help me :-) please and thank you!

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    The quote below is a direct copy and paste from the Inmate Handbook.

    The number of contact visits allowed each month will count toward this total number.

    Except in unusual circumstances, an offender will not be scheduled for a contact visit and

    a general (non-contact) visit on the same day or on the same weekend.

    1.5.1. Frequency of Contact Visits:

    Based upon institutional behavior, and provided that eligibility criteria are met,

    offenders in the following statuses and custody levels will be eligible for contact

    visits, with the frequency as indicated below:

    Custody Level

    Level 1 –G1, J1, P1

    Level 2 & 3 – G2, G3, J2, P2, P3

    Level 4 (Institutional offenders SAT 3 & 4

    with clear year and State Jail offenders with

    clear year) – G4, J4, P4

    All other Level 4’s – G4, P4, J4

    Level 5 – G5, J5, P5

    Level 5 (offenders on special penalty

    cell restriction) – G5, J5, P5

    Level 5 (GRAD offenders) – CG

    Protective Custody Level 1 – 4A

    Outside Trusty (OT), SAFP offenders (FT),

    IPTC offenders (IT)

    Medical (MD), Mental Health (MH),

    MROP (II)


    1 contact visit per week

    3 contact visits per month

    2 contact visits per month

    0 contact visits, 1 regular visit per week

    0 contact visits, 2 regular visits per


    0 contact visits, 1 regular visit per month

    1 regular visit per week

    3 contact visits per month

    1 contact visit per week

    (whatever computer recommended

    custody allows)


    Number of Visitors Allowed:

    Each offender is allowed to have up to two (2) adult visitors per visit. Children under 16

    years of age may visit without being counted in this number. The number of children

    allowed per visit will be based on the amount of space available for visitation and on the

    visitor's ability to manage and control the children. Two seats are provided for visitors at

    each visitation station...


    Approved Visitors List:

    During the reception and diagnostic process, each offender shall be asked to submit a list

    of no more than ten (10) names of proposed visitors to the Warden or designee. Each

    name submitted must include the physical address of the proposed visitor and the

    visitor's relationship to the offender. An offender must request to have a visitor added to

    the list. The visitor cannot request the addition. The offender is required to identify all

    individuals on his proposed Visitors List who are on active probation, parole or mandatory

    supervision release. Newly received offenders will be given sufficient time to obtain

    visitors' addresses for inclusion on the initial Visitors List. (Offenders may only include

    physical addresses for visitors; post office boxes are not permitted.)


    Children under 16 years of age do not have to be included on an offender’s

    Visitors List to be eligible to visit and will not be counted toward the number of


    visitors allowed per visit. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied

    by an adult (18 years old or older) who is listed on the offender's approved

    Visitors List..."

    I hope this helps. Good Luck

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database -
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    Tdcj Visitation

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