Agree or Disagree:Eve is the best heel diva since Michelle McCool?

BQ-Is it true Vickie tweeted that Michelle is having a baby

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    Yes, Eve is the best heel diva, since Michelle McCool.Eve draws an overload of heat towards herself, & she's always improving herself.Eve's better than Michelle McCool.

    BQ-Based solely off what Vickie Guerrero tweeted, & nothing else, not necessarily.I'm not ruling out that Michelle McCool could be pregnant, but I'm also saying that the overall odds are slim.That tweet could easily mean anything.We won't find out until Michelle McCool makes the official, revealing statement.Until then, there's nothing but speculation.

  • 8 years ago

    Agreed. Ever since Michelle McCool left the WWE last year at Extreme Rules, there's been a trouble in the Divas Division finding a replacement for her spots as the top heel Diva in the WWE. The WWE tried having The Bella Twins be that but they really didn't get a reaction from the crowd and sometimes it was confusing as to whether they were really heels or face. They than tried it with Beth Phoenix and Natalya when they formed the Divas of Doom but they were getting cheered sometimes rather than booed. Finally WWE found the Diva in Eve Torres when she had that segment with John Cena.

    BQ: Yeah Vickie Guerrero tweeted yesterday on Twitter suggesting that Michelle McCool is indeed pregnant.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, best acting skills in the company as far as Divas go so I don't know what the other douche was banging on about. She's better than Michelle.

  • 8 years ago

    yes, she is. but everyone must admit that michelle has so many great match than eve, and better competitor than eve, more athletic than eve, stronger than eve, and has many moves than eve. Now, eve is my favourite diva, she fits as heel. face eve is too plain and not entertaining to watch.. i hope she will get a push to have many great matches like michelle

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    Lita Tops All.

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