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Clean Sharpie off my hat?

A while ago (summer) I bought a New Era hat. It's a long story but last month it ended up covered up in Sharpie (Red, Blue, and Black colors). I looked up how to clean it (it's 100% polyester) and I found out hairspray supposedly would work perfectly. I tried, and a bunch of Sharpie began coming out but I had to leave so I soaked the hat in water and left. I came back and it was still covered in Sharpie (noticeably lighter but it was still there and easily visible). A month past and I didn't know what to do so I tried the hairspray again, this time barely any ink was coming out so I asked my Mom what I could do and she tried to clean it (I believe she soaked it in Tide and then left it in water). Once again it was a bit lighter but still very visible. Is there any way I can get it completely out? Can I send it to a store or someone who can completely remove the Sharpie after what I've done to it? Or is this a permanent stain? Please help and thank you.

This is the hat I have:

The Sharpie is on the white area only.

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    Sharpies are considered permanent markers, and will probably not ever come completely out.

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