Ways to ask my boyfriend to prom with a boating/water theme?

Okay so we are both senior and I want to find a creative way to ask my boyfriend to prom! We both love boating and I really want to do something related to that but I have no idea what to do!!!! Please dont say "out of all the fish in the sea . . . you're the only one I'd take" please dont use that one. I love wakeboarding, skiing, surfing all that fun stuff. Also if you were asked or have a very unique way you are going to ask/ have been asked please share!!! :) Thanksss XOXO


I go to an ALL GIRL SCHOOL:) Thankss for the input

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  • 8 years ago
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    Do the girls ask the boys to prom at your school? lol...

  • Well shouldn't he be asking you to prom

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