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What was the historical significance of Pater Familia's?

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    Pater familias was the head of the family, but it goes alot further than that.

    It was the basic value system of Roman society - the power and responsibility of the father not only of his family, but over those that he protected such as clients, slaves etc.

    If you look at Roman foreign policy towards its allies and conquered lands, it largely reflects the Roman value system of Pater familias.

    Once you understand the basic ideas of Pater Familias, you can actually understand Rome and her expanding empire and Rome's treatment of friends and enemies.

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    Pater Familia

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    What was the historical significance of Pater Familia's?

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    Do you know what 'pater famlia' means? It just means head of the family. The father, in other words. And there was no historical significance to them, just as there is no historical significance to the heads of families today. They are just part of the culture.

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