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Anyone speak Hebrew?? I need an English to Hebrew translation.?

I need "Beloved Child" translated into Hebrew.

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    A beloved child (a girl) - ילדה אהובה - yalde ahoova

    A beloved child (a boy)- ילד אהוב - yeled ahoov

    The beloved child (a girl) - הילדה האהובה - hayalde ha-ahoova

    The beloved child (a boy) - הילד האהוב - hayeled ha-ahoov

    My beloved child (a girl)- ילדתי האהובה - yaldati ha-ahoova

    My beloved child (a boy) - ילדי האהוב - yeldi ha-ahoov

    Source(s): Native Hebrew speaker.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    This answer is: ילד אהוב(done by google). And then I used an iphone app named "Ortsbo 2Go" and I got the same.:) so this should be correct.

    Source(s): google translate http://www.ortsbo.com/
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    8 years ago

    Why do you keep asking the same question?

    You HAVE a good answer.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    בן היקרboy

    בת היקרהgirl

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  • omg
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    8 years ago

    ילד אהוב

    Source(s): Israeli.
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