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Bubble eye goldfish getting bullied by the other fantail goldfishes?

My bubble eye goldfish is constantly getting bitten by the other goldfish (fantail). I don't want it to be lonely and have it live on its own, so is there a way that I can keep it with my tropical water fish? Also, do goldfish do fine living alone? Or is that just mean?

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    Goldfish do try to bully one another to establish something like a pecking order in their tanks. Usually, in time they get along but this is easier to accomplish in a large tanks with lots of hiding spots, so each fish feeling bullied has a place to hide and escape the harassment.

    If your tank is too small chances are the bubble eye goldfish has nowhere to run to in order to escape the bullying. If your tank is big enough you should add in lots of plants and decor so that he can hide. Add in large plants like Java Ferns and Anubias Nanas as goldfish will simply eat the smaller plants (they also attempt to eat larger plants FYI). Decor is actually very tricky to pull of with Bubble eye goldfish since anything remotely sharp will just be horrible for them. I would stick to the plants.

    But the solution is to separate them. Goldfish do okay short term in low tropical temperatures, but they aren't compatible with any other species of fish long term and should be either housed alone or in a species only tank. If your tropical tank has any sharp decor or gravel this will spell disaster for the bubble eye goldfish. Not to mention, they aren't particularly fast at getting their food, the other fish might easily out compete him for food and eat all of it before he even finds out it's there. Fancy goldfish aren't particularly strong swimmers and sometimes lack good vision to see food quickly. They almost always rely on smell to find their food.

    Keeping a goldfish alone doesn't stress them. They are social fish, not shoaling fish. They may prefer the company of more of their kind, but they do fine (and sometimes prefer, like you've seen) if kept alone.

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  • 4 years ago

    Weather loaches are good for a cold water tank, although you may find them sold in the tropical fish section. They also grow quite rapidly (mine have reached 8 inches in under a year) Tench and Rudd go well with goldfish and can be bought in golden varieties and are much slower growing than goldfish. Tench will also eat any food off the bottom, but the Rudd predominately eat floating food only. Depending on the size of your goldfish you could also try a small shoal of Cold Water Mountain Minnows (Danio) which are very pretty, but could be eaten by your goldfish if it's too large. A plec will also go well in the tank and will also help clean the algae off the tank. There are so many choices beside the 'fancy goldfish' which are often susceptible to different diseases due to the selective breeding required. But before getting any more fish I'd try and find out how your Black Moor died as it may be a water problem and thus will need sorting before you add any more fish. Most good pet shops will be able to test the water for you if you take them a sample if you don't know how do this yourself, and will also be able to recommend other suitable fish for your tank dependant on size. Hope this helps, but definately try and get as large a tank as you can afford / cope with as they certainly enjoy the space.

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  • Anonymous
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    Bubble eyes should really be kept alone in a bare tank. They are too prone to injury. It should be fine by itself.

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  • 8 years ago

    It is a fish; it is not getting bullied and it does not know or care if it is the only fish.

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