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David Otungas Gimmick?

I acutally like his gimmick and he seems to be improving.I think hes next to win the US title it looks likely with team jonny winning at WM.His theme is good enough as well.Do you think his gimmick is good?

BQ1-Dolf ziggler is the best wrestler in the company?

BQ2-Who is going to be the biggest superstar to move brands?

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    I agree. I think they found something for Otunga that fits him perfect. It wouldn't surprise me if Otunga gets booked to win a US, or some kind of secondary title, as he has improved since his debut (out of the entire Nexus, I had thought he was the one with the worst wrestling skills, so he already has come a long way).

    BQ1 - Well on his way. Not quite the best, but if he keeps on doing his thing, saying such a thing won't be far fetched.

    BQ2 - If Brand Extenstion is still around after Wrestlemania (I have a feeling they are going to end it once and for all), I say The Miz.

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  • Slay
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    8 years ago

    As long as it's not a world title, than i'm okay with it. His character just doesn't suit with having a major title.

    BQ1: Not a question but i'll agree he's a good wrestler.

    BQ2: Well supposely CM Punk will be moving to Smackdown when the draft comes which i think is a full proof plan since Smackdown lacks any major superstar now. They either need to bring some more major superstars or build some more people to fit the major role.

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  • I really don't like David Otunga. I think his wrestling ability is poor, even though it is improving slightly. I think that for a powerful guy, his power is never really showcased. I honestly can't imagine him beating someone like Randy Orton or John Cena cleanly in the future. He reminds me a lot of Chris Masters who was a big strong guy, but to have him beat a top guy just wasn't that believeable (not that he did really anyway.) I can definitely see him with the United States Championship because that title has lost so much prestige (as has the Intercontinental) over the last few years what with Santino Marella and Zack Ryder holding it. It could be a good thing for him, but I think that unless the tag division becomes really good, then there is no place for him in the WWE.

    On the contrary, I actually like his gimmick purely because it annoys the hell out me. If i'm going to be honest, if a heel wrestler annoys me, then they are doing a good job. It's like Michael Cole, he might not be a wrestler and I might hate him, but I don't want him gone because the fact that he annoys me makes me side with the people who hate him and that is part of how character perception works in wrestling.

    I just want to say that even though i'm not a fan of Otunga, I want him to stick around, because, like I said, he annoys me, and that means that when he gets beaten up, I will be satisfied :)

    BQ1: I think Daniel Bryan is the best because I have seen his RoH matches and they are honestly incredible. Dolph Ziggler is a fantastic wrestler though, and I can see him as a multiple time world champion.

    BQ2: I think Randy Orton will move back to Raw, although brand movement doesn't seem that big a deal now what with the Supershows.

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  • AJ Lee
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    8 years ago

    To be honest, his gimmick is getting more interesting and I actually like this guy more than Zack Ryder as he is taken more seriously as a contender for the United States Champion in the near future. I can foresee that David Otunga can be the one who defeat Santino Marella for the United States Championship.

    BQ1: As for right now, he is one of the top wrestlers in the company as he sell and execute moves to perfection. But he has a long way before calling himself the best wrestler in the WWE.

    BQ2: Chris Jericho or CM Punk

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  • rutty
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    3 years ago

    The gimmick is that his coffee is laced with drowsing pills and roofies this is why he's so boring. zzzzzzzz...... BQ No he's no longer. i do no longer bear in mind Stone chilly smiling each and every of the time and waving to the team. he's extra like the 0.33 Bella twin. CM Punk sounds like a sprint baby at a kind of school performs. "hi mommy! hi daddy! seem what i will do!" *dances like a ballerina*

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  • 8 years ago

    Hes doing good

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  • 8 years ago

    I like the gimmick too.It's so much entertaining than his boring old NXT gimmick.

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  • 8 years ago

    I like his lawyer gimmick, but in the ring he's just ok to me.

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