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Stone asked in SportsBoxing · 9 years ago

Jack Johnson vs Peter Jackson, old school heavyweight showdown?

Prime vs Prime

Both men at their best. Jackson being the fighter that Sullivan avoided and Johnson being the fighter who destroyed Burns.

25 rounds

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    Jackson was the man that James J. Corbett called "The most wonderful boxer I have ever seen." he must have really been something. He was ducked by John L. Sullivan for years and even the racist media of the late 1800's USA praised Jackson's skill.

    However I think he would lose to Johnson, Johnson came from a slightly more advanced time in terms of boxing skill (although not by much) and his own skill was years ahead of his own time.

    For me Johnson's skill shows through those grainy films, true he did clinch but he had a very good defense literally picking punches out of the air with his open gloves.

    It would be a competitive fight but I pick the skillful Johnson, who defeated the great black fighters of his day such as Sam McVea, Joe Jeanette and Sam Langford, to defeat the great Jackson by decision. The distance may favor Jackson but Johnson in his prime went 20 rounds a few times and past his prime and out of shape went 26 rounds and was ahead after 25 against Jess Willard. I think Jackson may have some good moments past round 20 but Johnson could handle the distance and would have built up a sufficient lead in the first 20 rounds to win.

    Johnson UD25

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    Peter Jackson was a good man. He was well admired and most writers spoke and wrote well of him. It is widely believed that he would have beaten John L. Sullivan, had Sullivan not drawn the color-line.

    Jack Johnson was widely hated by most. Nearly every white American hated him and many blacks did as well. However, like him or not, it was agreed upon by most that Johnson was just a step above Jackson as a fighter.

    Given everything that I've read about both, I would guess that Jackson would trouble Johnson early but Johnson would have more success changing the style of the fight. It would go the route but Johnson would win more rounds.

    Johnson W 25.

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    Hello Stone!

    Peter Jackson should have been heavyweight Champion and only racial prejudice kept him from having the chance. When he came to America in 1888, the top fighters shunned him including John L. Sullivan who said I will not fight a *****, I never have, and I never shall even though Sullivan had indeed fought a black opponent, he wouldn't change his stance regarding Jackson. He is well known for his 61 round draw with James J. Corbett in 1891 in which he displayed great boxing ability even though he probably wasn't the powerful puncher he had once been at that time. Corbettt stated in his autobiography that Jackson could have beaten any heavyweight he ever saw. Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight Champion walked to the beat of hios own drum refusing to humble himself to so called white supremacy of his day. He was bold and he was brash and arrogant and probably the most hated heavyweight Champion in history at least by some He was also very skillful particularly on defense at parrying punches and then firing sharp and quick counter punches. I think at thier very best, this would have been a magnificent fight. I don't think people really realize just how good Peter Jackson really was at his best. This is how I see this fight going:

    The fight

    Rounds 1-8. Johnson would come out smiling but would soon be met by some really quick shots from Jackson forcing Johnson to hold on. Johnson would return the favor blocking a lot of Jackson's shots and then countering brilliantly. In round 7 Johnson would almost hit the floor from a great Jackson right hand but would hang on.

    Rounds 9-17. These would be some of the best rounds of the fight with a lot of spirited action with Jackson apparently landing the sharper and harder punches but with Johnson still doing quite well rocking Jackson with sharp counter right hands. The fight is practically dead even at this point.

    Rounds 18-25. This is the rounds that require fighters to have that survival of the fittest in their being and being able to bring that extra when thye are at the point of exhaustion obviously battered and bruised. Johnson would start off well in rounds 18-20 shaking Jackson with some vicious punches. Somehow Jackson guts it out and in rounds 21-24 he is the aggressor. In round 25 both men shake hands and batter each other from ring post to ring post to the delight of the crowd. There is a mumbling in the crowd about who won this extremely close fight.

    Winner by close decision is Peter Jackson

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    Peter jackson

    Jack johnson

    Nobody knows but he was one of the best ever and the best of his time ......

    Peter jackson was no joke either and could of also been champion

    Fight of the century

    But for what ive reaserched after a discussion in a history course ...... jack johnson was fast strong and smart

    Jack was the bigger name as he beat the best white boxers

    We don't know who would win

    but id bet on the champ jack johnson

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