Law firms that accepts work experience in Melbourne, Australia?

hi, im doing work experience in June this year and does anyone know any law firms that takes work experience in Melbourne, Aus?

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    9 years ago
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    I can't give you exact names as I am in Sydney, but when I did work experience for a law firm I just sent formally worded letters to as many local firms as possible. About half of the ten I applied to accepted my application. I recommend that you do the same.

    To point you in the right direction, the Law Institute of Victoria's website lists 167 law firms and their contact details in Melbourne (CBD). The link is below:

    A sample letter to send is below: (assuming you are in high school)

    Dear Sir/Madam

    As a ____GRADE______ grade student at ________SCHOOL____________ in _____CITY_____, I have been given the opportunity to commence work experience from ____START DATE______ through to ____END DATE______. I have a passion for ________SUBJECT____________ and I am considering a possible career in _________INDUSTRY___________. Through the course of my work experience placement, I am hoping to gain experience in office and administrative skills, as well as further develop my knowledge in ______________TOPIC________________. Today I am writing to ask if any work experience positions are available for the dates specified above at ________COMPANY/FIRM____________. This work experience would consist of observing the functions of the office and carrying out tasks set by a supervisor.

    Should such a placement be available, further details regarding the requirements of the work experience programme, insurance details and information highlighting my achievements and suitability to such a position will be provided.

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