Easy books to read in French?

I am taking a higher level French class next year, and I want to practice over the summer by reading some French books - but I'm not very good at French. If you know of any easy books to read in French (maybe ones that are made for American people learning French?) I would greatly appreciate the help!

I like books with a strong female lead, a little romance but not overt.

Thank you!

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  • 9 years ago
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    From my limited knowledge of French, a separate tense is employed many times for narration in books that isn't spoken. Children's books are good for dealing with this initially, and once you pick it up it's easier to graduate to novels. Common phrases that you haven't been taught in class can also be picked up this way.

    I bought my friend (who's in a higher level French class) a book for her birthday, and amazon is a great place to do a little searching. I only entered "books in French" (and alternatively "children's books in French") and found some with great reviews, telling you how hard the book is (children's books especially have reviews from English speakers trying to learn, and I would guess several novels would as well) and generally a short description can be found there or by searching Google.

    I'm not sure on specific books as I'm not in French myself, but good luck in your summer studies! Listening to French music over the break is also a great (and generally very entertaining) way to retain and pick up new words and phrases.

    Source(s): Four and a half years of Spanish courses and a friend enrolled in French for three years.
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