What are some cons about Steam?

I want to buy Portal 1 on Steam, since it's the cheapest I've seen, but what are some cons about Steam?

Do you have to be online to play?

Do you pay monthly, or is it just one payment?

If your computer crashes, does that mean you have to buy the game again, or does it save your games to your account?

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  • Zach
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    9 years ago
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    1st: Steam is a free application. You just download it and go. 2: You only need to be online to download the game. Once the game has downloaded and installed, then you can disconnect the computer from the internet. 3: I'd recommend getting the Portal 1 and 2 bundle. You will get 2 games and save 5 bucks in doing so ($30 for Portal 2 and $5 for Portal 1, instead of $10). 4: The only downside I've seen on Steam is that it is CONSTANTLY updating. The is an issue because the games are unplayable while it is updating. 5: All the games you buy are saved in your online Library and are available to download as many times as you want. 6: One major plus for Steam is if you have multiple computers with the same game, it will automatically upload your game save, allowing you to pick up on computer B where you left off on computer A (for instance).

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I can't think of any cons. Steam is pretty much the only way I buy PC games. You don't have to be online to play, no monthly payment for steam, and your games are saved on to your account if your computer crashes.

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