What are the drug interactions/risks?

For the drugs Lyrica, Prozac, Morphine, Naproxen and Maxalt, what are the drug interaction risks? Are they bad? Are these drugs safe to take together? I am thinking about calling a pharmacy, but do they not have a system that catches drug interactions? They must be safe to take, correct? Also, no this is not for me, but for a friend who suffers for MS. I am just concerned with the medication they are taking, it seems like an awful lot, and it has to affect the body somehow, correct?

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    Any drug has inherent risks. And the more drugs that you take, the greater the risks involved. This is why a patient should always have all their prescriptions filled at the same drugstore. If a pharmacist sees a potential problem, they will put warning labels on the prescription bottle and/or call the prescribing physician to discuss any problem that the pharmacist thinks the doc may have overlooked. Problems do occur when a patient is not being honest with thier physician about what drugs and supplenments that they are taking.

    All drugs are processed by the liver. The more drugs that you take, the harder the liver has to work. Ideally, doctors prescribe a drug when the advantages of the drug outweigh the risks involved. And ideally, the patient is a part of the decision process.

    Over the counter drugs also have risks and they can interact with drugs prescibed by a doctor.

    The site drugs.com has an interacitve drug checker. but in order to get a more accurate idea of possible interactions, you must have more detailed descriptions of the drugs that you listed. And no matter how many drug interaction checkers that you utilize, a pharmacist always has more information tham a layperson or even a doctor has.

    I only take drugs that I absolutely need, No drug is absolutely safe. And any drug has the potential to interact with another compound in the body, with a food item ingested or an over the counter med as well as a vitamin supplement. The latter are not investigated or under the jurisdiction of the FDA.

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